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How much time do you spend each day trying to figure out how to get everything done that you need to get done. Parents have what is probably the most difficult job that there is. You have to take care of yourself, your children, your home, and earn a living. How do you fit everything that needs to be done into a single day? Organizing your schedule is key to living a productive and happy life. I have worked hard to manage the way that my family gets through each day without feeling overwhelmed. I have filled my website with tips and advice that can help other parents with crazy schedules get through each day a little easier.

Respite And Emergency Foster Care: Be A Part Of A Caring Community

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You may dream of having a family (or adding to your existing one) someday, but have decided now is not the time. Yet, there is a part of you that dreams of little (or teenage) feet running through your home.  Becoming a respite provider or short term emergency placement home for the foster care system can give you the parenting experience you desire while allowing you to keep your busy schedule intact.

Respite providers provide care for foster children who are in need of short-term care when their current foster parents need a break. This may be due to health issues, vacation plans, or the need for the foster family to reconnect with each other.  In many cases, respite care is provided for only a few days, usually over a weekend or, in cases of planned vacations, for up to a week or so.   

Respite providers and emergency placement homes receive the same training as foster parents do and must complete a background check and home study to ensure that they and their homes are safe for the children they will be caring for. You will set the days and times that you are available for placements and can specify the range of ages you are willing to look after. 

Emergency placement (or receiving) homes take children who are in immediate need of care when there are no permanent foster homes available. Children will remain with you until a space is found for them. Since this is an unknown factor, emergency placement homes have to be open to the possibility of children being with them for an extended period.  Depending on the county or agency you contract with, you may be given specialized training to work with children with specific needs or experiences.

Since respite care and receiving homes are short-term placements, you still have the ability to travel for business or pleasure and have down time with your friends and family without the responsibility that long-term fostering requires. It also gives you the opportunity to get your feet wet in fostering without a full time commitment.

It is a wonderful experience to give back to a child and be part of a community that is working to heal a family. The best thing about being a short-term provider is that you have the training you need to become a long-term care provider at any time. You may find that those little (or large) feet make a lasting impression on your heart. For more information, contact Our Children's Homestead.


8 July 2015