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Adoption Assistance: Choose Who Will Raise Your Baby

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Choosing not to parent but to place your baby for adoption is a brave and difficult decision. Not being ready to parent does not mean that you don't love your child, and it is a beautiful gift for someone who is hoping for a child. Unlike in the past, today's adoption agencies will allow you to choose a family for your baby. The decision can be overwhelming, but here are a few topics you may not have considered but that can significantly narrow down your choices and help you organize your thoughts. 

Alternative Families

Adoption agencies have all types of families waiting for a child. Consider whether you are comfortable with your child being raised by a single mother or by a homosexual couple. Perhaps you are only interested in a situation that is out of the ordinary. 


Is it important to you that your child be raised in a particular faith, or would you prefer a family that does not practice religion? This decision can bring certain families to the forefront of your search and eliminate others. 


Your baby could be the youngest in a family that already includes biological children or other adopted children, or your child could be raised as the beloved only. Of course you cannot control how many more children the adoptive family will have, but most applicants will state whether they intend to add more children to their family in the future. 

Open or Closed

One of the best choices you have is whether or not you plan to have contact with your baby after the adoption. You may want to consider families who will welcome correspondence and even visits from you. Alternatively, you might want a closed adoption where you just put the past behind you and move on with your life. The decision is yours to make. 

What You Don't Have to Think About

Before families are approved as adoptive parents, they must go through a detailed and extensive home study process. A social worker will have gone to their home, interviewed everyone there and checked to be sure that it is an appropriate environment for a child.

The potential parents are also given criminal background checks, and their finances are assessed to be sure that they are able to care for a child. 

If a family has made it through the process of being approved to adopt, you don't have to worry about these details. 

When you are faced with an unexpected pregnancy, the responsibility can be paralyzing. Once you choose adoption, you will find that you have a great deal of control over what your child's future will look like. 

Contact a group like A Child's Dream to learn more about the adoption process.


5 May 2015