Respite And Emergency Foster Care: Be A Part Of A Caring Community

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You may dream of having a family (or adding to your existing one) someday, but have decided now is not the time. Yet, there is a part of you that dreams of little (or teenage) feet running through your home.  Becoming a respite provider or short term emergency placement home for the foster care system can give you the parenting experience you desire while allowing you to keep your busy schedule intact.

8 July 2015

Adoption Assistance: Choose Who Will Raise Your Baby

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Choosing not to parent but to place your baby for adoption is a brave and difficult decision. Not being ready to parent does not mean that you don't love your child, and it is a beautiful gift for someone who is hoping for a child. Unlike in the past, today's adoption agencies will allow you to choose a family for your baby. The decision can be overwhelming, but here are a few topics you may not have considered but that can significantly narrow down your choices and help you organize your thoughts.

5 May 2015

3 Things To Do Before Adopting An Older Child

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If you are thinking about building your family through adoption, you might have thought about adopting an older child. Although adopting an older child can be a wonderful option, it does come with its own challenges. Luckily, doing these three things first can help make the process go as smoothly as possible, so get these three things in order before you begin the adoption process to adopt your child. 1. Prepare Your Home

12 March 2015

2 Reasons To Work Through A Foster Care Agency

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A foster care agency is a very useful service to take advantage of, mostly because of the many ways in which it can help you. Two reasons to utilize a foster care agency are in order to make becoming a foster parent or adopting a child easier. Becoming A Foster Parent One of the biggest reasons to work with a foster agency is that it can make becoming a foster parent much easier.

10 February 2015

When One Leg Is Bigger Than The Other: Could You Have Lymphedema?

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If you are suffering from lymphedema, you may only experience mild symptoms at first. You may notice that one leg appears slightly bigger than the other. You may feel mild discomfort in the leg or a feeling of heaviness. As lymphedema progresses, you may experience aching and pain in the affected limb. The swelling will be quite noticeable at this point, and you may find using the leg difficult. The skin over your leg may become hard and feel thick.

20 January 2015